Good Morning Water

Childrens book


Jamie Mahoney, Director

Sarah Klamans, Designer

Cally Bryant, Designer

This book is a collaboration between Cally Bryant and Sarah Klamans. The illustrations and story line are also original collaborations between Bryant and Klamans. The purpose of the book is to bring awareness of the scarcity of water to the younger viewer in hopes to instill a prolonged passion and sensibility. The book tells a story about three little children who have to travel through a dangerous path from sunrise to sunset in order to get water. The vivid colors and patterns are meant to stimulate not only a child's mind but to appeal to the parents reading the book as well. The typography in each spread leads the eye through the complex scenery to create a smooth flow for the story line. All profits made from the book would be given to to support their effort in providing clean water and sanitation to countries in need.