Website and illustrations


Anthony Foster, Creative Director

Sarah Klamans, UI Designer

Katherine Alvarado, UI Designer

The product

MobiSave is a digital coupon app that gives users instant cash back on purchases from any grocery store. The app focused on ease-of-use and simplicity, utilizing OCR technology to verify purchases, making it a favorite for coupon users. See the MobiSave App for more information.

The problem

MobiSave wanted to increase their visibility on the web in order to market to a wider audience. This would also allow couponing blogs to quickly link their readers to try the MobiSave app.

The solution

The MobiSave website gives a brief introduction to the MobiSave brand and application. The characters can be found all within MobiSave's branding. The illustrations work on a parallax: as the page scrolls, the characters playfully float into the shopping bag below.