Mobile App, Web Design, Illustration


Anthony Foster, Creative Director
Sarah Klamans, UI Designer
Katherine Alvarado, UI Designer

The product

MobiSave is a digital coupon app that gives users instant cash back on purchases from any grocery store. The app focused on ease-of-use and simplicity, utilizing OCR tech to verify purchases, making it a favorite for coupon users.

The problem

Most coupon apps have several hoops users need to jump through in order to receive cash back, which created a trend where users put up with hard-to-achieve tasks and multi-step processes simply because that was the way it had always worked. Our goal was to find a way to reduce the amount of steps so that the user gets their reward faster.

The solution

My team and I started by constructing a detailed product map and tracking the clicks needed to complete different tasks. Once we established areas for improvement, we set clear call-to-actions that guided the user towards their end goal. We cut back anything that was unnecessary while including clever language and cute illustrations to add friendliness. We also added new features such as sharing your progress, inviting friends, and customer support for submissions. We also created the Mobisave website to increase brand visibility.