Product Design, Mobile App


Anthony Foster, Director
Sarah Klamans, Experience Designer
Theresa Zhu, Experience Designer
Diana Yee, Experience Designer

The product

Stashable is a full-service storage company, offering pick-up and drop-off of items for people who want to put their things into short- or long-term storage. They help people de-clutter their homes, and make room for new hobbies, dreams, or additions to the family.

The problem

Warehouse workers and Drivers, who are in charge of cataloging and maintaining knowledge of item custody owned by Stashable customers, needed a solution to keep track of tasks and orders, as well as inventory in the warehouse. The team currently uses an outdated system with a lack of customization to fit their day to day operations.

The solution

As the lead designer, I worked to map out all user flows and end points for an internal Android app codenamed Belvedere. Version 1.0 would include receiving inbound and outbound orders, relocating items within the warehouse, manual item entry, and signing in and out. Once the wires were finalized, I worked to design a minimal look with direct call to actions to guide the user through step by step instructions. Version 1.1 would include the addition of user permissions, allowing the warehouse workers to filter between different warehouse locations assigned to them. It would also include an inventory search listing out customer, item, and order details of all inventory items per warehouse.