Product Design, Mobile App


Leigh Shapiro, Product Manager
Sarah Klamans, Product Designer
Matt Ng, Lead Engineer
Tyler Barrington, Engineer

The product

Shadow is an app dedicated to reuniting lost and found pets across the United States. Our mission is to provide a strong, like-minded community of support to help people. Our app offers key guidance and actions for those whose pets have become lost, with the aim of reuniting them with their owners as quickly as possible.

The problem

People who lose their pets are in panic mode and are extremely stressed. We needed our platform to be simple and straightforward with all the information someone in this situation would need to find their missing pet. We also needed a way for the community to be involved since visibility plays such an important role in making a reunion happen.

The solution

As a small team of six, we looked for ways to streamline actions and make it easier for people to navigate what to do next. Seekers (people who are looking for their lost pets) were able to browse through a collection of photos generated from other reported lost and found listings online. They could also call nearby shelters, purchase a social media ad, or create a custom flyer. Volunteers (anyone else on the platform who wanted to help search) could also perform all of these actions. We created several ways to encourage volunteers to continue helping, including setting a daily help goal and implementing an award system that guides new users on how to effectively volunteer their time.